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I hope you will enjoy my blog about my adventures in force free puppy training and dog training, life with dogs, dog health issues, dog food and other products for dogs, and – well, can you tell I’m an information junkie and a dog nerd?  If you are in the general area of Boston’s North Shore, or Cape Ann, please take a moment to view my web site, too:  (If you are a member at Cape Ann Animal aid, go to the member page to see the discounts we offer on training.)


I am mostly open to intelligent discourse, even with people who do not share my opinions.  However, if your comment is deliberately negative, designed to derail the topic, or appears to be solely designed to stir the pot, it will be removed.  You are entitled to your own opinions, but if the only purpose of your comment is to bash positive training, it is not welcome.  You must support your arguments with both science and ethics here.

Decisions regarding acceptable content on this page are mine and I do not owe you an explanation – this is not a democracy, it’s just a blog.  Please note that the material here may be, and most likely is, subject to copyright.



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