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“Until these devices are illegal, consumers must protect themselves and their dogs by looking beyond the marketing messages of those who profit from their sale and use. It is not necessary to use electric shock to change behavior. It is not necessary in humans, in zoo species, in marine mammals or in dogs.”
~Jean Donaldson

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  1. This quotation is from Jean Donaldson on the subject of shock collars. But, even those who used to rely quite heavily on them can be persuaded to change, once they really realize how effective force free training is. Robert Milner is just one courageous example of a traditional trainer who didn’t let cognitive dissonance get in the way of REALLY trying something new. And, when he did, he went to the best for help. So, he didn’t fall into the trap of learning this new method from ineffective trainers. Method is important, but so is competence in the method!!!


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