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A Baker’s Dozen of Holiday Hazards

Here’s a list of the things I hope everyone will remember at holiday time, so that their dogs all remain safe and happy.

1. Cooked bones are dangerous.

2. Fatty turkey skin, and gravy can cause pancreatitis.  Don’t allow guests or kids to feed Fido the scraps.  If you want him to enjoy the meal, cut up a few pieces of turkey white meat and place on top of his regular dinner.

3. Guests, or kids, might leave doors open accidentally.  Be sure you know where your dog is, and contain him in a safe area if necessary – don’t let him get lost.

4. If you are baking, be aware that dough made with yeast can expand in your dog’s stomach and cause huge problems.  Keep dough out of your dog’s reach.

5. If your dog seems ill, but your vet is closed, there are emergency vet clinics that will be open – have the number handy in advance.  Do NOT medicate your dog with human medications without consulting a vet.  Some seemingly harmless ones, such as naproxen, can kill your dog very quickly.

6. Your car may be in good repair, but a guest’s car could leak antifreeze.  Keep your dog away from guests’ cars or the driveway until you know it’s safe.   Use only non-toxic ice melt products on your walk ways.  Keep the Animal Poison Control Center number handy by the phone: 1-888-4ANI-HELP

7. Make sure your dog can escape the hubbub.  Some people think that dogs should have to put up with the attention of anyone who wants to interact with them, but they can get overstimulated or grouchy.  The way to keep kids safe is to keep the dog safe!  So, give Fido a break now and then, and don’t let well meaning people overdo the attention.

8. Well meaning people may give you plants, chocolate, or other gift items.  Keep gifts up and away from pets, just in case there are edibles inside that they shouldn’t have.

9. Cleaning products can leave a residue that is harmful to pets.  One safer product to use, for example, is the Libman Freedom mop, which is made in the USA, and instead of chemicals, you can use vinegar and water in the reservoir.  Makes my tile floor shine with no streaks!

10. Be sure your pet wears his collar and ID tag at all times.  If your pet is microchipped, be sure that you have registered the tag to you with the company so that you can be found if he gets lost!

11. Make sure the trash can is secure and the dog cannot access it.  Things like baking string, foil, or plastic wrap can cause huge problems if ingested by an animal.

12. If you are visiting with your pet, make sure he’s wearing a proper harness that he cannot get out of, and consider hooking a leash the harness and another leash to the collar.  Any dog, when frightened, can slip a collar, and you don’t want your dog lost in an unfamiliar place.

Check out these pages for more ideas on keeping your dog safe at holiday time:


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