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Warriors Left Behind

Many people don’t realize that at the end of the Viet Nam war, not only did many service members come back to a less than grateful reception, they had to leave their best friends behind to an almost certain death.  The war dogs that served in that conflict did not enjoy the same status that military dogs do now, and Uncle Sam didn’t realize that the loss of a dog in that way would forever wound the soldier who had to leave his partner in that way.   The military dog handlers of Viet Nam have an association where you can learn more about what they went through with their partners:  According to a CNN story today, each military dog saves approximately 150 human lives during the course of its career.  Because of that, they truly do deserve to be recognized alongside their military members as warriors, heroes, and worthy of the highest honor and respect.  On Veterans’ Day, when we remember our soldiers, we also remember the dogs that gave their lives in service to an America that didn’t value their contribution enough.  Today they would be walking down the tarmac with their returning handlers, but yesterday they were tied to fences while the helicopters took off without them.  Never again.  Never again.


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