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When Muzzles Go Gray

In every dog’s life there’s that moment when
flecks of silver start to appear at the tip of the muzzle
It’s a sign that time is not our friend
But, for us, it’s also a signal that we have become
such good old friends
Rather like a well worn pair of fuzzy slippers, we fit
We are familiar, and can’t imagine life without one another
Though the day will surely come when the beloved muzzle, now turning silver
Will not be there to greet me
And I will no longer reach to caress the soft fur whose smell I am so afraid I will forget
For now, we are in that middle time of pleasure
We are enjoying the love and trust that will outlast our time together
But appreciating even more the bond
That brings a tear to every dog lover’s eye when muzzles go gray…


About pawsforpraise

I own and operate Paws for Praise. We offer group dog training classes and behavior consultations in a dog and human friendly environment. We think training should be fun for you and your dog. Go ahead - make a tail wag!

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  1. Thank you, this is beautiful and so true!


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